Reporting Specialists Guide

Goals of this Guide

  • This guide is intended for reporting specialists operating a Cinnamon Reporting solution. The guide is focuses on the tasks to be done by a reporting specialist as well on the corresponding user interfaces.

  • For a better understanding we propose to first read the

Table of Contents





  • Immediate report ordering

  • Stored report orders

  • Batch orders

  • Definition of report types as a tree of building blocks

  • Inspect documentation of building blocks (relevant parameters)

  • Using Search & Replace

  • Hierarchy of parameters

  • Setting parameter values

  • Draft vs. published objects

  • Content types and versions

  • Time-dependent content validity

  • Definition of a derived segmentation including grouping, ordering, selection

  • How to setup a word template containing styles for tables, paragraphs, layouts etc.

  • Searching & editing translations

  • Operations on dictionary under construction

  • tbd

Report Monitoring
under construction

  • Executions

  • Issues

Working with Figures under construction

  • tbd

Monitoring the Servers

See corresponding chapter in the Administrators Guide