Concepts Guide

Goal of this Guide

The goal of the concepts guide is to introduce all important concepts of the Cinnamon Reporting product and is intended to be read by business as well as technical roles as an introduction.

Table of Contents



Terms defined



Terms defined


  • What is “Cinnamon Reporting”?

  • Key differentiating factors of Cinnamon Reporting

  • Cinnamon Reporting

Reporting Process

  • What is the “Reporting Process”?

  • Cinnamon Reporting & Portal functionalities

  • Report Order

  • Report Execution

Reporting Products

  • How do we design the institution’s report offering?

  • Building Block

  • Report Type

  • Parameter

Business Logic

  • How can Cinnamon access data?

  • What is “Business Logic”?

  • What is the role of “Business Logic” in the reporting layer?

  • “Reporting Business Logic” functionalities in Cinnamon

  • Data Adapters

  • Business Logic

  • Segmentation

  • Figure

  • Translatable Text

  • Value Type

Abstract Reporting

  • What is an “Abstract Report”?

  • How is an Abstract Report produced?

  • Abstract Report

  • Report Nodes: Vertical Table Node, Chart Node, Paragraph Node, Section Node, Layout Node

  • Slot

  • Style

Multi-channel Reporting

  • Cinnamon Reporting has been built from the ground up to support reporting over multiple channels to paper and to interactive devices like tablets or smartphones.

  • Description of Word and Online channels

  • Cinnamon Portal Services

  • Word Channel

  • Online Channel

  • Catalog

  • Dashboard

  • Print Composer

System Integration

Cinnamon Reporting supports a wide range of integrations with surrounding systems.