Cinnamon Product Features

This page tree lists most of the currently available product features of the Cinnamon Reporting product. Please liaise with our product management via to discuss additional functionalities and our product roadmap.







  • Ordering of reports for clients/portfolios

  • Flexible support for reporting parameters


  • Flexible definition of relevant data sources and data formats



  • Re-usable reporting aggregation logic (Top-N, rest, sorting, grouping)

  • Translations & formatting of data


  • Set of re-usable building blocks that are used to compose reporting types


  • Provide flexible configuration of client reports by using building blocks and (business) parameters.

  • Provide support to enter more complex parameters or reporting artefacts (segmentations, dictionary, profiles etc.)


  • Report scheduling

  • Execution of ad-hoc or standing report-orders

    • Gather data from data sources

    • Trigger report delivery

  • Allow batching of multiple reports

  • Reporting monitoring



  • Render charts for inclusion in paper- and web-reporting

  • Render (abstract) reports to visually appealing reports in different formats (for different channels)

  • Allow global definitions for the visual layout (separated from report structure / report data)


  • Deliver reports to recepients via different channels (e-mail, archiving, web portals)

Optional modules


  • handle and store static and periodic content to be added to the reports like

    • Monthly market commentary from Research

    • Monthly mandate commentary from Portfolio Manager

    • Banks logo, disclaimer texts

    • Labels & translations


  • typically a customer specific workflow solution powerd by the reporting APIs

  • workflows handle processes like

    • preparation, verification of data

    • editing & translation of commentaries (in combination with Content Management)

    • report approval & delivery (in combination with Report Delivery)